Max Steel- 2000

A few years ago, before my brothers became popular on models like Zoolander, they won a prize at a party for being the best popular bros. even in high school I think. It was a golden figure. They think it was another boy doll on those Barbie’s, but when I realize a wrist watch on it, me and my bros. were surprised to see what it was. It was a Max Steel figure!

Long ago, when me and my brothers were very young, we watched a hit TV show in 2000 and had popular toys about it. Max Steel. About a spy, an action man, and a hero who’s always charged up on electricity and computers.

With the help of his team, he would save the world because of man villains including one that has the face of a Terminator!

“Great show. Hell over for a third straight year”. Charlton Heston would say that in ‘The Omega Man’ for a hit TV show. But now things have changed, they made a reboot and I decided not to watch that type of version. This version here is way more better and classic than that. Childhood memories.

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