Max Steel- 2000

A few years ago, before my brothers became popular on models like Zoolander, they won a prize at a party for being the best popular bros. even in high school I think. It was a golden figure. They think it was another boy doll on those Barbie’s, but when I realize a wrist watch on it, me and my bros. were surprised to see what it was. It was a Max Steel figure!

Long ago, when me and my brothers were very young, we watched a hit TV show in 2000 and had popular toys about it. Max Steel. About a spy, an action man, and a hero who’s always charged up on electricity and computers. He even says the words, “Going Turbo!” when he fights. A friend of his who’s the brains in that TV show watched a hit movie clip on ‘Ghostbusters’ before I watched the two movies.

With the help of his team, he would save the world because of man villains including one that has the face of a Terminator!

“Great show. Hell over for a third straight year”. Charlton Heston would say that in ‘The Omega Man’ for a hit TV show. But now things have changed, they made a reboot and I decided not to watch that type of version. This version here is way more better and classic than that. Childhood memories.

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