This was a TV show I remembered that was good, and maybe a friend of mine named Erik remembers it too. It even had Lego toys on the figures! I remembered when I had one. Even my neighbors have pieces of those up in Gatineau.

‘Galidor’ was a TV show about a boy, and a girl that have this device and a machine that transports them into outer dimensions. They made funny faces in the first episode! In the dimensions, they have to stop the universe before a ugly looking alien takes it over. With the help of a robot, a big toad, and a blue yeti dude, they try to save all this.

But that’s not all, the boy can have the ability to shift into parts of his body. Like robotic arms, plane wings, and more! This was a good show, but now I saw what has happened to him at the end. Don’t want to spoil it, but was a little different.

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