Flat!- A TV Show

This TV show I watched myself only lasted for a few weeks on YTV. It made a bit of sense but had no word for what has ever happened in the final episode. It was about being flat as paper.

When a kid came home and brought many magazines, he was transported in those magazines as he was flat like paper and how they did a magazine type cartoon. When the boy ran into a girl, she could help him. And they did. Throughout some episodes, they would find a portal that takes the boy back home. So far, there were only a few.

Each episode would begin in a magazine, when a portal opens as the boy and girl would fall in. And it would end as they enter another portal to the next and hopefully last one.

When there was nothing that TV show can do, that was cancelled from YTV for good. Hopefully, the boy found his way back home as the girl form the magazines decided to stay in the real world or back in the magazine world.

In the future, YTV or Teletoon would both have the last episode for a TV finale for the end of that.

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