Big- a Tom Hanks movie

There are responsibilities in this world that you must do, and how you don’t like things to be the way they are. Even in life. That’s how one boy felt in this movie. Even when he wanted to be more different than being negative. But remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”? In a carnival, he goes to an old wishing machine called “Zoltar Speaks”. He wished that he was big.

But by morning, his wish came true, as a 30 year old man! This is one of Tom Hanks early movies as an actor as he wonders what can he do as a kid, when he’s a 30 year old man. He can handle things easily, but has to find another “Zoltar Speaks” machine if he wants to go back home. I rate this 3 stars as a great movie on Tom Hanks!

The most classic scene in this is when Tom, and Robert Loggia play a giant life size piano!! They play songs including “Chopsticks”. No wonder they do piano lessons there instead of doing it with a teacher! I remember I did piano lessons. This is a best scene I would recommend, the most classic of all pianos!

Also in this are Elizabeth Perkins, John Heard, Jon Lovitz, and Jared Rushton before he was in “Honey, I shrunk the kids”!

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