17 Again

Like the movie “Big”, this tells about a father who’s been lame, irresponsible and not so good and handy, ends up very bad. He even took his teenage children to a place that they are to old to be, in which I dislike about this. He’s even in a divorce.

One rainy night, after a accident on falling into a river off a bridge, he comes back home muddy and dirty. But when he washes himself off in the shower, he becomes 17 years old again! His 17 year old self is played by Zac Efron! He made a good scream when he saw himself in the mirror after his shower!

To prove his trust worthy and beliefs, he goes back to high school as he tries to solve problems while handling his children, his wife, and most of it that he’ll be than he was!

What I like about this movie, that’s awesome is his friend, played by Thomas Lennon. He owns every collectable there is! Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Troy, Excalibur, many video games, Halo, Top Gun, “Highway to the Danger Zone”, and everything as he can! I relate to him as we both love movies, art and collectables! He even went bonkers when he saw his friend at 17 years old as he started attacking! In the end, after everything was solved and when our Zac Efron was back to his old self, he became brand new than ever!

He even became coach of the high school he was in, as his movie fan friend made love to himself! Her girlfriend loves movies also, as they talk in elfish language. Just like in “Lord of the Rings”. 3 1/2 stars for this one!

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