The Client

Based on the book by John Grisham, it tells a boy who witnesses a murder mystery and winds up in a twist on telling the truth. The morale is to never lie. Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Mary Lou Parker, and Susan Sarandon. The actor who played the boy in the movie died of a drug overdose in 2008. He was Brad Renfro. I learned about this in English class once, and this kid here is like a Pinocchio who’s lying, and could get killed really easy. Set in Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana, this kid has to tell the truth.

What I don’t like about this movie is that he wants to smoke like his mother along with his little brother who wants to, but what I like about it is when he meets one of the gangsters in the hospital in disguise as he ruined their home in the trailer park.

Brad Renfro maybe a drug dealer, but he was a slacker.

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