Abbott and Costello- Jack and the Beanstalk

In their first color picture, Bud and Lou play as Jack and Mr. Dinklepuss in this famous fairy tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. In the beginning and the very end they are babysitters because of a naughty boy, but throughout the story, Lou plays Jack as Bud plays Mr. Dinklepuss. They both climb a beanstalk as they encounter a giant, who has a castle and owns jewels and a hen that lays golden eggs. Also a harp that is very naughty. The good part about this movie is when Lou as Jack plays a song that’s his motto called, “I fear nothing, when I’m in the right”.

The funny parts about this is when Lou thought he ripped his pants, how he gets attacked by friendly dogs, how Bud has a shocking facial expression when he’s been robbed on his cow Lou traded, how Lou was surprised to see the beanstalk, how Bud had another shocking facial expression when he looked down to see how high it was, how Lou was going to be eaten, how Lou did some doors to fool the giant, how they cut the ropes to a catapult, and more there is to this tale. After the beanstalk was chopped down, and the giant dead, her housekeeper and a cow escaped.

And high up in the clouds is the abandon castle of the giant. Nothing but a henhouse with chickens that lay eggs, a parrot, some animals that live in the forest, and a lonely talking harp that’s the voice of Mel Blanc! That harp is all alone up there, lonely and miserable, as he would’ve thought to be so mean a bit, and nasty.

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