The Wind Rises- “A++”

When I saw that anime movie for the fifth time in theaters, Brilliant! The story of Jiro, a maker who designed airplanes for WWII. They didn’t talk about the kamikaze, because that is suicide. I can’t imagine he believed about flight when he liked airplanes from Italy. And during a earthquake and when he was older, he met a girl that she helped with. She even married her when she saw her again, and had lung hemorrhage. But I don’t mind. Hayao Miyazaki as a young one, must’ve survived the final days of WWII in Japan.

So this movie I see, this is an “A++”. While he’s in retirement, I just hope there is another anime movie that will come to theaters. Why this is the fifth anime movie I saw in theaters is when I was little, me and my brothers, when we were big fans of Pokemon and Digimon, we saw “Pokemon: The First Movie”, “Pokemon 2000”, “Digimon: The Movie”, and “Pokemon 3: The Movie”. That is what I remembered to anime movies like this.

Even so, we might do need another anime movie to come. Maybe another one by Studio Ghibli. And I just hope Studio Ghibli is still active today.

And when I meet the guy who played Jiro, and her girlfriend played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Emily Blunt, I would want to see Hayao Miyazaki with them! Maybe be in Japan to see the actual studio!

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