The Grey

Starring Liam Neeson, he plays in a movie where its a good day to die. After a plane crashes in the Alaska wilderness, a group of men fight for their lives when they are being hunted by man eating wolves who like to eats their guts out! On snowy snowstorms, but mostly at night. One by one, they get eaten. Until they had to stay away from the light of fire. They even met a lack wolf close up!! And they only even killed one that almost killed one of them! There are 2 types of wolves. Alpha and Omega. And you can hear them howling at night together than coyotes. They even ate one of them!! Well, only on the meat. To make matters worse, the wolves even howl louder only when they are closer. Even cutting a wolf’s head that’s better than “Lord of the Flies”!! But they can hear the bigger ones that howl loud than never, like in “Stand By Me”.

But as the guy played by Liam stands alone, fights against the wolves. But after the end credits, the guy and the wolf died. It seems that the wolves won. Neither of the men didn’t survived.

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