WWII Cartoons banned

During the time of media during WWII, there have been cartoons that have been banned from the past because they were propaganda cartoons on signing up for the war. No kid would sign up to fight the Germans! Cartoons characters such as Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and a few more have been in such those cartoons. Even when they had to face Adolf Hitler and the emperor of Japan in WWII! Bugs Bunny even met Adolf Hitler as he scared him and Fatso Göring as Joseph Stalin. At first he designed his face to look like him! The Germans after WWII did not liked the cartoons like that and so did the Americans as these WWII propaganda cartoons were banned forever. They are out there somewhere. But we don’t want Bugs as Hitler or Stalin in front of Michael Fassbender!!

Bugs as Stalin: “Does your tobacco taste different lately?”

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