Willy the Sparrow

In one my early days, since I became a film critic, one of these movies I watched at Elmdale Elementary School, this was one of them. This made me okay to watch, than the rest that we hate to watch. This was called, “Willy the Sparrow”. About a sick boy, who goofs around learns a lesson as an old lady uses a magic spray can until he becomes a sparrow! On a adventure he flies around in the city, he meets new friends as he learns on never to harm any animal at all, even when in trouble. A old guy sparrow even drank wine and became drunk! With good music, and a great adventure, he becomes a boy again in the end. Even when that old guy sparrow becomes a human and he and the old woman would have a great relationship. The good part of this movie, was that female cat who was looking for her. I like the way she was dressed up because of that clothing on her head. Even in the end, when she, the boy, and the sparrows go home together, even when that boy has that spray can! So I’d say, 2 1/2 stars to say, good story!









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