Top 10 Vietnam War Movies

To the movies of the Vietnam War, I give out my top 10 of these movies that took place in the Vietnam War.

10. “The Green Berets”- John Wayne stars as a Colonel. He leads an entire army of American troops to fight in the battle of the Vietnam. Then there was the famous song that was heard in “Canadian Bacon” on the same name. C+ on that one.

9. “Rambo: First Blood”- With Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, a Vietnam war veteran who takes on revenge, and action as he almost kills the whole town because of a sheriff. A “B” to this movie. But cool on the action.

8. “Rambo: First Blood Part II”- A sequel to “First Blood”, where he saves some prisoners in the Vietnam. He does go bonkers a bit in the end and how he ended up in jail in the beginning. Still, a “B”, same as the first movie.

7. “Operation Dumbo Drop”- With Danny Glover, and Denis Leary, about a squad of soldiers who have to deliver an elephant in the Vietnam to a village that needs one. B+ on this one.

6. “Good Morning Vietnam”- with Robin Williams as a DJ, when he plays hit music all over the U.S. army camps and all of Vietnam, until an officer disagrees with that. To that officer who hates that stuff, loser! A “B” is good for now.

5. “Born on the Fourth of July” with Tom Cruise and Willem Dafoe, as that war veteran Ron Kovic, based on his life book, that tells about that soldier who fought in the war, and lost control of his legs. It was cool on how the flashback was, the way they’re in war and in battle, and how Ron was in the hospital and came back home. Half of it was good, but the rest…not so good! A “D-” on one of Tom Cruise’s crappy movies! But Willem Dafoe was good I think.

4. “Platoon”- with Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Dale Dye, Forest Whitaker, and a cast of others. It is good, but not the way they lost some friends, how they are in villages, and how they might be battles. There are intense battles but this movie was dedicated to the men who fought in the war at the end. So a “C+” for this movie.

3. “Forrest Gump”- Now Tom Hanks, as that Forrest Gump, man! You should’ve seen him! The way he listened to the drill sergeant, and how he was fast on doing the weapons. He, Bubba, and Lt. Dan Talyor played by Gary Sinise were awesome, along with other soldiers from the U.S. who were very good. After the raining, and a big bad battle, the way Forrest saved enough soldiers, he was a very clever war hero. Even in the hospital, where they gave him all the ice cream he could have, how he started to like ping pong, the way he came back home as a army sergeant to his mother, how his Lt. friend got new legs for himself, and how he was glad to see Jenny when he and her were on the waters of the Lincoln Memorial of Washington DC! Everyone cheered for them! So I’d say, an “A+” for sure.

2. “Full Metal Jacket”- From the director of “A Clockwork Orange”, This movie shows how they are going in training which ain’t good, and how hard they fight in the war. In the beginning, a drill sergeant was making fun out of a recruit that he never liked it. Even when they think he’s chubby. But at least, he was good with the shooting. Unfortunately, when more came to that, because of that sergeant, he became so devious that he killed him in the bathroom, and committed suicide. Later on, such as soldiers who have codenames or nicknames were fighting hard. There were that such as “Joker”, “Animal Mother”, “Cowboy”, “Eightball”, “Rafter Man”, “Touchdown”, and the writings such as “Born to Kill”, “Death from Above”, and “Target Shot”. In the battles, they were cool, even the best quote, “Get some!”. The music in this movie were “Bird is the Word”, “Paint It, Black” by Mick Jagger, and after the battle, they sang the “Mickey Mouse Club” march song. As a report, “A” on the rest, a “F—” in the beginning.

1. “Casualties of War”- From director Brian De Palma, starring Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, John C. Reilly, and John Leguizamo, this is a 4 all star cast of this movie, that has ever happened during the Vietnam War! About five American Vietnam soldiers, after a firefight that go into battle, as they take a female villager as a prisoner. Unfortunately, with her weak, and before the mission ended, the 4 raped her except one. And throughout the movie, just because soldiers are being blown away, they are acting like they can do anything! But with everything set up, the moral was to never take prisoners in the war. Leave them or take them, a good or bad idea. “A+++” on this movie!

So these are the top 10 movies, that took place in the Vietnam War!

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