The Raccoons- Run With Us

In the end credits of the movie, “Hobo with a Shotgun”, there was this famous song played by a very famous singer in the 80’s. But not only is this song, this song happen to be in the TV show of “The Raccoons”! About two familes of raccoons! Me and my brothers used to watch this TV show, even when we we’re little! I remember watching this when we knew so much about them.

They seem cute, but the way some of their noses are bent or tipped, they are meant to be born in their ways. I’d say the families, they are great. To the oldest daughter, she is one dynamite gal I say. I only like the Raccoons in this, but not the aardvarks, pigs, goats, chickens or whatever. The goat guy seems nice. So this here, is a good TV show to look up today from the past! Even when my brothers might show their grandchildren to them.

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