Frank Gorshin- Rudolph’s Shiny New Year

Frank Gorshin who happen to be the original Riddler in the 1960’s tv series of “Batman”, happen to be in this New Years Eve cartoon special! When Father Time finds out that the baby new year had gone missing because of it’s big ears, Rudolph searches for him before midnight. In this New Years Eve special, Frank played as a bearded knight and a camel that says, “Quarter past Five”. Or Quart for short.

He was pretty good in this one. Such as Big Ben the Whale played by Harold Peary, Father Time and Baby Bear played by Red Skelton, Billie Mae Richards as Rudolph, Morey Amsterdam as a caveman named One Million B.C, or O.M. for short, Don Messick as Papa Bear, and Rumplestitskin, Paul Frees as Father Christmas, Benjamin Franklin who’s named 1776, or Sev for short, General Ticker, Humpty Dumpty, and Aeon the Buzzard, and Iris Rainer as Mama Bear.

In the previous years that Rudolph found out, were the years of 1 million BC where dinosaurs and the caveman lived, 4000 BC when the Pyramids were built in Egypt, 1023 in a medieval land where fairy tales are created and where the bearded knight lived, 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered America, 1776 of a Colonial American land when they celebrated Independence Day and where Sev lives, 1893 of the Panic in 1893, and 1965 when the the Vietnam War was going on.

To where Father Time lives, he lives out in a desert which he likes to call the Sands of Time. So I think Frank Gorshin is the best actor in this movie. Even when it’s New Years Eve, we evacuate the Earth like “Titan A.E”, “Halo Legends”, “Star Trek”, a bit of “Alien Resurrection”, and “Spaceballs”. And with the Earth abandoned, nothing on there that is there or lives, is all gone. Nothing but hills, mountains and the bare ocean, and with the struck of midnight, the Earth explodes, as we live on a new Earth like the movie, “Another Earth”.

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