National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

To one of the ‘National Lampoon’ movies all about vacation, Chevy Chase is Clark Griswold as he gives the Christmas spirit his way to his family, and more Griswold family members who came to his house in Chicago for a the holidays!

It’s weird on the opening which is a cartoon on the Santa guy which he gets into bad luck. Even when he made a lot of damage! The next time I see that cartoon character, I’ll bet he’ll get stuck in the chimney and never come out!

The funny scenes in this movie on how the Griswold’s got a tree without getting a saw, how the tree bursted open in their living room and how he’s all sticky because of the tree sap, how Clark did a lot of lights to put up and found out the whole house was full of lights all around, how he’s up in the attic because if the boards and how it’s not safe, how ice flew right across in the air and destroyed a music machine, how there is that good crazy cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid, their dog Snots, the way Clark flew fast down in a sled and didn’t stop until he crashed at Wal-Mart, how Cousin Eddie is on mornings when he’s dumping crap from his RV, while drinking beer, smoking a cigar, and goes, “Merry Christmas! Shitter was full!”.

There is more funny scenes on that such as the grandma saying grace on the way she thanks America, the way her cat got electrocuted, how Uncle Lewis burned the whole tree down and how Clark replaced a new one, then Clark went nuts on his Christmas bonus, a squirrel in the new Christmas tree, the way his boss was kidnapped and covered with a big bow on his head, and finally, after dumping the waste and when Uncle Lewis lighted it up, it made the plastic Santa and reindeer fly off!

Holidays can be fun. As long as people get bonuses and don’t make a lot of waste. So for a holiday classic, 10/10 stars.

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