A Christmas Story

Like all Christmas stories, this talks about a lucky boy and a Christmas gift he was hoping to have. In the 1940’s of Indiana, USA, it was a lot different back then between this part of time and today. There have been kids who love to get what kind of toys they should get for Christmas. There was this boy who was a big cowboy fan to a character named ‘Red Ryder’, who wanted to get a Red Ryder Air Rifle. A BB gun for what they did back then and maybe a bit today.

Between his family, school and asking a crazy Santa, they keep telling him, “You’ll shoot you’re eye out!”.

There were classic and hilarious scenes in this movie, such as his mother placing his little brother in his snowsuit that’s pretty big and thick like a diving suit and cries out, “I can’t put my arms down!”, getting away from a yellow eyed, braced teeth, raccoon hat bully named Scott Farkus who makes these crazy looks on his face, roars, and does the ‘uncle’, the father who is a furnace fighter and challenges a big black smokey furnace, and how he is happy because he won a major award, and how the mother teaches the little brother on eating his food he dislikes by doing on how the piggies eat and sound like. These made me laugh out loud, it’s like teaching your grand kid!

Then there is more funny and classic scenes on when the father looks at the wooden crate, “Fra-Gee-Lay. That must be Italian!”, on it says ‘Fragile’, how the major award is a sexy leg lamp, that the father goes, “Oh you should see it, what it looks like from out here!”, the Bumpus hounds, the way the father called out to them after they stole turkey, the way the father told the kid, “Shut up Ralphie!” while watching a parade, the pink Bunny pyjamas an aunt gave to him which he looked like a pink nightmare, and how there is that bad Santa and elves that children should pull his beard to think that he’s a fake!

To that scene, he was funny when the kid wanted to ask for the toy gun, but his mind was blank. So before he got down the slide, he asked for it as the Santa did his jolly words and pushed him down the slide by using his foot!

This movie is a classic!

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