Full Metal Jacket

From director Stanley Kubrick, this shows the true way of how the Vietnam War was. Almost like “Casualties of War”, but different. In the beginning, which was amusing was that a drill sergeant was making fun out of a fat recruit until this recruit went devious and killed the sergeant and himself with the same rifle they used in training.

When it got better, there were soldiers fighting for freedom in this war, as they had code names and initials on their helmets. Like “Born to Kill”. In this movie that almost looks like Alec Baldwin has a brother, is Alex Baldwin in which he was good along with other actors who were in this war. Ones who carry grenade launches, assault rifles, and M60 machine guns. The music was amazing as there was “Bird is the Word”, “Woolly Bully”, “Hello Vietnam”, “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and “Paint it Black”. Except for that last song that I really hate on. 

So I’d say 3 stars for this movie. 

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