A Clockwork Orange

In a distant far future, based on a book, and a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick, where buildings are different and there is a lot of puberty which people like it that way, one gangster goes his way until he gets brainwashed!!

With Malcolm McDowell as Alex, he is a gangster in white clothes, in a bowler hat, and a big eyelash in which when he got caught, he was sent by the police as he was brainwashed by making eyelids open wide, watch a movie, until he was different. I like how the way he is, his friends are, and how the music is like “Singin in the Rain”, Beethoven ‘Ode to Joy’, and ‘Lone Ranger’ theme.

“Oh? And what’s so stinking about it?”

That was one of his best quotes. Malcolm the actor maybe old, but he had to handle a big future!


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