A WWI Animated Movie

A long time ago, as a young boy in school, there was this animated WWI movie that’s kinda unknown. I don’t know what was the title, but it happened in a time of Remembrance Day. It was related to that, as it used to be on Teletoon.

It began when there was this Canadian soldier, who just entered England as he and soldiers marched through London as they went off to war. Then took a train to there. As they were entering No Mans Land, they can barely see some fireworks in the distance. As they were in the trenches, they would know how life could be. You should’ve seen the way he couldn’t sleep. In the morning while eating raw food that they hate, they pull tricks on the German sharpshooters to blast them. They did that and a plate. After that did to the plate, it made a happy smile made out of bullet holes.

After a quick fight in the air by biplanes, they celebrated Christmas during WWI. Between Canadians and Germans, they loved the way they do. Until when battle was drawn, they got ready. The officer blew his whistle, and every single soldier started fighting in No Mans Land. The way they were fighting, like they were playing soccer. Unfortunately, there was a blast as it wiped them out including the Germans. No one survived that fight. After a friend and that soldier had one last drink of water, and shared pictures on football and soccer teams, they died. The soldier would lay in No Mans Land, as he was sent to heaven, thinking about her girlfriend or mother.

I saw this movie twice, and don’t know the title. If only I knew what it was, but no. Teletoon’s a little series on Remembrance Day, but more of a complete psycho kids tv channel. Especially YTV also. Total freak shows.

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  1. I’ve found it. It’s called “War Game”, and it’s based on the book by Michael Foreman. It’s a good animated movie. And I am 100% sure, it was aired on Teletoon!

    I saw it two times on Teletoon on TV with my own eyes!


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