The Mummy’s Hand

Tom Tyler and Dick Foran are in this movie, as this shows another type of mummy. I first saw this whole movie when I first watched on channel AMC in the early morning. Same story, same incident but different. After Kharis, tried to bring back a woman she loved by using ancient leaves, he was caught and was committed to be buried alive.

Like what they did in they did in the other mummy movies, the way they do it is to cut out their tongues and wrapped them up quickly in mummy bandages. Then they place it in a coffin.

A little while later in this movie, after finding this mummy, he was brought back to life. There was a traitor who did this, and taught this mummy, the way what was going on. He walks differently, how his arms are curled, even when he died by burning oil as he was burned to death. Good thing the traitor died first before him.

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