The Invisible Man- 1933

Before Claude Rains was in “The Wolf Man”, based on the book by H.G. Wells, this shows a scientist who becomes a madman that makes his mind goes nuts after this power makes him invisible. Una O’Connor is in that movie for what I know, before she appeared in “Bride of Frankenstein”. She was played as Jenny, a woman who would give him food and drinks to him.

This man went nuts, as he showed his true himself after taking a fake nose off of him, including the bandages. He was the true invisible man in this version by Universal Pictures. He even took his clothes off as they didn’t see him naked!

After he escaped, he met an old friend which he can trust. He wanted to make sure no one can find him. After taking some clothes, having food and drink, he took a long snooze. His friend called her girlfriend to come here. And she did.

But when he escaped again invisible, but with no clothes, he stole money from a bank, caused a horrible train wreck, as he managed to get into a barn house. He slept in hay. Luckily the police found him and shot him. In his ending moments before he died, he reappeared as himself. He almost looked like Johnny Depp!

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