Dracula: Dead and Loving It

In this last movie directed by Mel Brooks, this is when Leslie Nielsen and Mel Brooks play as Count Dracula and Dr. Abraham Helsing.

Like the 1931 version with Bela Lugosi, this is comedic when Renfield is posed by Dracula as his assistant. Renfield is played by Peter MacNicol. Then came Helsing, and others, like Harvey Korman as Dr. Steward, Steve Weber as Jonathan Harker, and Anne Bancroft as the crazy fortune teller.

The funny parts of this movie on the way the fortune teller has a crazy voice, the way Dracula is thirsty for blood, the way Renfield was making out with Dracula’s wives, the way Dracula found them, the way he told his wives to walk normally, the way Dracula was having a hard time in his coffin on a sailing ship bound for London, the way as a bat he got hit on the window, the way he smelled garlic, the way he was having a day mare, almost like a nightmare, the way Renfield was eating bugs, the way Jonathan got blood spilled all over him after killing after a vampire, the way Dracula was mind controlling Mina and a maid, and how he was defeated by the sunlight.

I’d say the ending is hilarious, and it reminds me of “The Horror of Dracula”.

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