Abbott and Costello- Who Done It?

In a murder mystery like this, Bud and Lou are in a broadcast studio as they are the detectives to solve this mystery in order to prove that they are. The most things I hated is that girl who was been squealing like a pig, and made a rip off on orange juice, the way they were trying to on a water fountain Bud and Lou were, the “volts are watts”, and a phone thing.

The ones that are hilarious is when Lou was getting Limburger cheese and wearing a gas mask, then a pin, the way Lou was going on a piano, going and smashing through glass doors and windows until he ran into a wall, how he wanted to call the cops, how he jumped out of his shoes, how he thought was getting killed because of the record players, the way he and Bud were in elevate going up and down, how Lou was hilarious to amazing adrenaline brothers in a talent show, the way he taught the phone operator a lesson, how Lou screamed on the radio, how he fell off a building and into a flagpole high up on a building, how he was hit by an egg in the head, how he was high up on electric wires, how Lou made light signs that say, “Send Help”, how Lou was full of electricity and made the bulb bright up in his hand, and finally, throwing a bulb at the “Send” which say “End” which was the end of this movie.

There is a clip that’s related to this which is “Alexander 2222”. Find that osmovies!

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