Abbott and Costello- Ride Em Cowboy

With those goofy partners, they are with Dick Foran again as they happened to be in the wild, wild west. Bronco Bob played by Dick Foran as he was famous as a singer, a bull rider, a cowboy, and he even wrote books about himself. Even those two work for him at a cowboy ranch!

Unfortunately, after taking a train, and before they headed to the ranch, Lou accidentally shot an arrow through an Indian tent. There were Indians Bud and Lou ran into. And Lou has been forced to marry an ugly Indian. He refused. But the Indians must that he will.

The cool scene in this movie on how the way they capture a bull or a wild horse to ride it, and how Lou was having comedic time in a swimming pool, and how he was trying to milk a cow. But the bad scenes I hate, are those Indian dreams they’ve been having to Bud and Lou.

Then came more scenes, when Bud and Lou were in a car going through a train tunnel, and came out backwards because of a train going by, and how they ran into a big black bear that’s in their car! At last in the end, while Dick Foran as Bronco Bob sings “Ride Em Cowboy”, Bud got rid of the Indian girl as they were lucky they didn’t marry an Indian.

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