Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Ben Stiller, Steve Coogan, Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais, and Robin Williams are back in action as they are in this sequel to the movie, “Night at the Museum”.

Two years after the first film, Larry Daley the night guard played by Ben Stiller, now does a CEO device business on inventions that are inspired the way he was a night guard. I liked the way he does. To a visit, the Museum of Natural History is now under repairs and upgrades as some of the artifacts are heading to a place where they’ll be safe while the rest can stay. In Washington DC, the Smithsonian.

He did saw his friends again after the sun went down and the artifact brought them back to life. It was only been two years until now. Bad awkward news have happened when that stupid Dexter monkey brought the Egyptian artifact with them, and brought some of the artifacts to life including the pharaohs big brother played by Hank Azaria. So he had to travel all the way from New York to Washington DC where he has to find his friends. At a really cool scene, after a long time, he meets Jonah Hill long ago just before he got into workout and was with Channing Tatum in “21 Jump Street”.

So good, was that he found his friends, just before he met the Pharaohs big brother. Luckily, he pulled a trick on him and his Egyptian guards by releasing a giant octopus from the crate. After so much animals and the rest came back to life again, riding on a motorbike, he meets General George Cluster played by Bill Hader.

“General George Cluster. At your service. Yee-ha-” (boing) “I’m alright!”.

Then it’s Amelia Earhart played by Amy Adams. She was pretty impressive. It says that Amelia was a pilot who disappeared in 1937 after flying across the Atlantic. In this movie, she was Larry’s partner, was curious about anything, and she didn’t even got killed by those Egyptian spears! In this movie I must say, shows more than I thought.

Jay Baruchel, as a sailor in the painting of the end of WWII in New York, Robin Williams as another Theodore Roosevelt except as a bronze head who needs his nose scratched, Christopher Guest as Ivan the Terrible, Alain Chabat as Napolean Bonaparte, Jon Bernthal as Al Capone, Craig Robinson as pilot, Clint Howard as a Air and Space technician, George Foreman as himself, Shawn Levy as the Infomercial Father in the beginning, Ed Helms as Larry’s assistant, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant as Wilbur and Orville Wright, Alberta Mayne as the Kissing Nurse, Eugene Levy as the Albert Einstein bobble-heads, then that Hank Azaria did the Thinker and the Lincoln statue. The hilarious part was on the way the Thinker who does the firepower move, and how water was given to the octopus from a painting. 

For a success, 8/10 stars. Except for some stupid shit that I hate on. 

I even went to the Smithsonian over the summer a while ago, saw some of clips from movies that show the President of USA, Speed Racer the anime tv series, the hat of Abraham Lincoln, and a life size statue of Pikachu. That Pokemon would be the greatest artifact to bring back to Canada since the TV series began and more came out in the year, 2000!



smithsonian pikachu

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