Abbott and Costello- In the Foreign Legion

In Abbott and Costello’s last army movie, they start to suffer in the desert if they are going to survive. By getting away by Arabs, trying to find water, they end up in the French Foreign Legion!

Way in the beginning, Brooklyn, New York City where these two wrestlers, Abdullah and Burt were getting prepared for a tournament. Abdullah, played by Dee Willie Davis, prepares himself to leave for Algiers. The two men follow him in order to bring him back to America.

Accidentally, running into Arabs, in order to save themselves, they met a French Sergeant played by Water Slezak as they decide to stay here. Instead, they have just joined the French Foreign Legion!! After handling rifles and bayonets, Lou started to go nuts on a machine gun. 30 or 50 calibre I think. He would even shoot at coconuts on a tree! And whenever that was over, he would throw a rifle from his back, and it would go through and smash a window.

Orders came up as they were sent into the desert. Bud and Lou went after a camel that ran off, while the rest got slaughtered by Arabs except the Sergeant because he was a traitor. Luckily Bud and Lou were the last survivors as they marched through the night. By morning, they suffer from the heat as they had to get water. I’m afraid they did, if it’s not a mirage. While they would sleep, one man who got lost, lost his false teeth as a fish would have them. Bud and Lou saw this fish while relaxing.

Unfortunately, by the Arabs who were looking for them, they were taken to their leader as there was Abdullah. He wanted to back to America, and they would head to the fort where more of the French Foreign Legion are there. They would take that sergeants jeep. The funny parts was that they would let one fell in a giant birds nest as he would get smashed by a egg, and going through naked women in tubs!

After they made it, they trapped the sergeant and all of the Arabs there, as they blew up the fort killing them all, as Lou was there to hold the fort. Bud though he killed him, but no! He was alive, but not hurt.

“Why you dirty double crosser!”

So they were rewarded as heroes by a new army and commander of the French Foreign
Legion as they decided to stay here, while they take a jeep to head for the boat that was leaving for the States. Connected to the jeep is a trailer, in which Lou bought many slave beautiful girls to take to America.

“Knick knacks, eh?”.

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