Abbott and Costello: Buck Privates Come Home

In their first and only annual sequel, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello play as those two tie selling as they get their reward after going into war. Going home. On the way back, that sergeant played by Nat Pendleton had to make sure those goof balls don’t do something stupid. During a bag inspection, the soldiers and themselves had to get rid of a time bomb that was triggered. The funny part was that Lou had to open it from the outside instead of the inside, then he threw it out the window and into the water. After the bomb went off, water splashed on the captain and Sergeant and found out that Lou was bringing an orphan French girl that they were marching into France before they left for the boat.

They had to get rid of her, and send her back to France. When a woman named Sylvia played by Joan Shawlee came to help, she knew what to do. Both guys and that sergeant, are now back to their original selves as tie selling salesman, and that police officer. But with that woman and her boyfriend Bill Gregory played by Tom Brown, he’s in a midget car race.

A classic and funny scene, while Bud sleeps in a bathtub, Lou sits on a hammock in a clothesline between buildings. By tomorrow morning which it happened, a grumpy neighbor cut it down which he landed right where that police sergeant is! And another one is when they bought a house, instead they get a run down old double decker bus!

To that race, Lou was doing the driving as he was going nuts. He drove through a airport, farm hay, and the city where that car starting flying until he crashed through a wall. No one had been hurt, but the gang came to find out about him and clear the mess.

And now, to the real ending scene of these two movies, after going through WWII, those tie selling salesman are now police officers with that sergeant as their instructor! To Sylvia and Gregory, they adopt that French orphan girl as their daughter, as they see them marching as the new police force… While Lou’s belt makes his pants and himself fall down.

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