Abbott and Costello- In the Navy

To a movie that’s bigger, better and funnier movie that’s better than “Buck Privates”, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are in the navy. They’ve torpedoed troubles, and blessed the blues, as they have a cast in this musical movie. Dick Powell, those song boogie woogie Andrew Sisters, Claire Dodd, Dick Foran, Butch and Buddy, Shemp Howard, the Condos Brothers, in the merriest movie musical that has ever hit the screen.

Dick Powell happened to be in other movies that you might know from the channel TCM, Turner Classic Movies, as Dick Foran was in the “The Mummy’s Hand” when I first watched this and first watched on that channel AMC, Shemp Howard also happened to be in the “Three Stooges” ever since Curly Howard passed away, as Butch and Buddy are good jokesters, and the Condo’s Brothers are good tap dancers in this one. You’ve should’ve seen the way they dance. Claire Dodd, when she played as a photographer, I loved the way she got her butt spanked when she was dressed up as a hotel maid.

Powell was pretty good as a sailor, as Foran hated the way Lou was going nuts as a navy officer, as Lou, Shemp and Bud answered a good question. “7 x 13 = 28?”. That was one way we could answer that in math class. Also what bugs Lou is that hot dogs come in a package of 12, and the buns only come in a bag of 8. That, Miss Ford, a teacher of mine could answer those two questions.

Lou was dressed up as a navy captain, as he let a whole entire ship to launch aircraft, fired cannons and torpedoes. He was hilarious. To the Andrew Sisters, they sang songs like “Gimme some skin”, “We’re off to see the World”, and in the end, everyone sang “In the Navy”, the most greatest song before “Anchors Aweigh” with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

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