The Mummy- 1932

To another creature to Universal Studios Monsters, played by the same guy who played the monster in “Frankenstein” and that’s related to that, is Boris Karloff in “The Mummy”.

Filmed in 1932, same story, same curse before the 1959 version, when a resurrected mummy takes on Egypt after being woke up by that scroll, and made one of the 3 men screamed, and laughed in all of his life until he died in a asylum with a strapped jacket. As he does that, he’s disguised as a old man, as he finds a woman that’s just like the one he tried to bring back to life with.

Imhotep was his name, but in disguised was Ardath Bey. He needed that scroll in order to keep him alive, until in the end of the movie, the reincarnation was by the statue of the goddess, Isis, which burned the scroll, as he was turned to dust as his bones were scattered. His skull too.

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