Friday the 13th- the whole series

At a forest, at a place called Camp Crystal Lake, a young ugly face boy starts to drown as he was never seen again. From the classic with Kevin Bacon to “The Final Friday: Jason
Goes to Hell”, this rapping murderer can resurrect again in some movies until the final one. He’s been killing every single person there is at that forest. And lake too. The first one showed his mother that was the murderer, ever since he died and took vengeance. She died. The second from all to the last, he was the murderer, when he wore a hood and a hockey mask. His named is Jason Voorhees. And he had been though a cast of young actors besides Kevin Bacon. Corey Feldman, and Crispin Glover in some of the few movies.

So then came a 2009 remake on Valentines Day, on the actual date, just like the movie. So beware of “Friday the 13th” day of the year. Bad luck.

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