Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man

This is one of Abbott and Costello’s horror movies when seeing is believing. When two detectives, after graduating, are up against a boxer murderer who’s just turned himself invisible where people can’t see him. So, they work with this invisible guy, to get away from him and the police, and to prove that he’s innocent. When they do a trick in boxing, Lou Costello becomes a crazy boxer when he’s up for a boxing tournament!! Louie the Looper is his name, and and people are saying “Watch this character”.

There are funny parts of this movie that I know, which when Lou Costello has squeaky shoes and how the way he walks in a graduation, the way he’s dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, how he was licking the magnifying glass as a lollipop, the way his moves are, the way he reacts even if it’s like Frankenstein and there is something on a flashlight which was only a moth, how he saw the guy turned invisible, how his hat pops up and down when he smelt a cigar, the way he was counting cows instead of sheep, the way he was getting hypnotized, and the way he made everyone turned to sleep!! LOL!!

Then came the way the police man saw the Invisible Man, the way Lou was doing the punchy bag, the way they were having supper, Bud, Lou, and the Invisible Man were, how they were carrying him when the Invisible Man was knocked out, when Lou saw a black cat and that cat hissed, the whole boxing tournament, the lady singing on a radio, and finally, when Lou had his legs on backwards!!

In fact, here’s a picture of proof on this black cat!!

Bud and Lou are funny, especially on their adventures!!


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