“9”- a movie

In a far off country, in a small town, a chancellor had given a machine that builds war machines of peace. When his armies and machines used them in war, they know war is peace, and freedom is freedom!! But when the machines turned against them, a big war between them as there was chaos. They’ve both attacked each other with fire and metal. But when the gas killed everything, and the machines were gone, lost forever, the war ended and the world became silent.

Only a old scientist gave his nine creations the spark of life. 9 living mechanical rag dolls. Each doll had a number on their back that shows their name. But when a mechanical beast was going on like nuts, they know they have to survive. But when the machine that builds war machines that awoke, they know about those creations. So that was why after a world ended, their mission began.

While sightseeing and stuff, they did listen to Judy Garland’s song, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz”. I think this movie only took place in a country, during 1934. But what I found out that played those dolls, were this. Elijah Wood as “9”, John C. Reilly as “5”, Crispin Glover as “6”, Martin Landau as “2”, Christopher Plummer as “1”, Jennifer Connolly as “7”, and Fred Tatasciore as “8”. “3” and 4″ do not speak. But they are twins. So this is one movie I will never forget at all.

In the end, “2”, “8”, “5”, “6”, and “1” as ghosts that they are free, after being sucked from the machine that is now destroyed, they go to heaven as it starts to rain flecks of growing bacteria, bringing back life to this world. “9”, “7”, “3” and “4” watch as this was all over.

“7”: “What happens next?”

“9”: “I’m not sure.. exactly. But this world is ours now. It’s what we make of it”.

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