Jurassic Park

Do you think cloning exists? Have you seen scientists who found prehistoric mosquito’s and found the blood of dinosaurs? Well this is one of the Steven Spielberg classics, of course he did directed “The Adventures of Tintin” movie, ever since he read the books as a boy.

On an island off the coast of Costa Rica, a construction of a dinosaur park, had gone horribly wrong when the power was shut down by a security guy, who promised to steal dinosaur embryos. But when a T-Rex escaped, it caused havoc. Luckily some of the workers went back to the mainland by boat, leaving the security guy behind, when until he got killed by a venom spitting dinosaur when it escaped. But when some people were left behind, they try to get the hope of survival, as they get the power rebooted to get themselves off this island.

This cast shows Sam Neil, Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Peck, Samuel Jackson, and Wayne Knight, as some of these guys might survive from killer dinosaurs. All these dinosaurs do is eat, kill, multiply, to those that are carnivores. The ones that eat plants are herbivores. So if they are going to survive, they arm themselves nothing but combat shotguns, assault rifles, and handguns in order to live. To the first one is the best of the best. The second and third aren’t so good, so I give those, “F—“!!! Triple F minus, like “Lord of the Flies”, for what I wrote.

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