G.I. Joe- 2 movies

Based on the Hasbro toys, and the hit TV series, these are the movies you would not want to forget. “G.I. Joe”. About a fighting force against a sinister enemy known as “Cobra”, who stop these guys from ruling the world. At first, they created molecule bugs known as Nanomites, that can eat anything, then they wiped out every single G.I. Joe including Duke played by Channing Tatum. It was all thanks to Zartan, who was in disguised as the U.S. President, played by Arnold Vosloo!! He was known as that mummy!! So when they were 3 left, including one played by Dwayne Johnson, they called in their general portrayed by Bruce Willis! So in a sequel, they had their revenge as they might get that Cobra Commander yet.

In what I thought of, of a alternate ending, Duke and the Joes would all be fine, as they would take a medical train, back to headquarters. For the Baroness, she would be torn to pieces, as they call this, “First Blood”. For the Cobra soldiers, they would condemned to be mummified alive. Same for Destro, Cobra Commander, and Storm Shadow. As for Arnold, he would endure the Homdai. The worst of all ancient curses, once so horrible, its personalities cannot be stopped. By minutes of hate, by the crowd from the movie, “1984”, including Suzanna Hamilton, and John Hurt, death will be committed to this traitor, but not for life. For sins, he would be forgotten forever, and never been seen in this world. He would be eaten alive by scarabs, they would place in his coffin, and buried alive, in a special tomb prepared for him. As G.I. Joe will be remembered, a statue of their names will be placed upon it, as there is no more of Cobra. As for the traitor, he would be known as Imhotep, he would to remain sealed in a sarcophagus, and be long forgotten forever, dead for all of eternity. Warriors known as the Majai would never allow him to be released, for he will arid a walking disease, a plaque upon mankind, power over the sands, and the glory, of invincibility!!

(The Mummy moans and roars)

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