Back to the Future

Have you ever been left out like in the movie, “The Breakfast Club”, thinking your an outsider? Well this happened to a boy, a friend who is a doc, and a time machine that changed history in a town called Hill Valley, forever.

Starting Michael J. Fox, and Christopher Lloyd, in 3 parts, in a movie adventure, they go around time travelling. At first when he was an outsider, he accidentally time travelled to the 50’s and had to make things better with his family. After he did, and went back home, something had to be fixed also in 2015!! But if he’d haven’t brought back a sport book, none of this chaos could’ve happened. After he fixed everything, and the doc time travelled to the Wild West, he must bring him back, and go back to his own time in 1985. So after that, all was better, as the time machine as a car was destroyed like what they wanted, as a new one was built as a train! Well, Casey Jones couldn’t actually do it that way.

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