Silverwing- a TV whole story

Based on the book by Kenneth Oppel about bats, this shows 13 episodes, in one whole story, in only one TV series, based on the book by the same name. About a bat named Shade Silverwing, who helps to save his colony, his friends, and family. He goes a long way, as long he stays away from the owls. And in the end, when this was over, all of his friends and families were free. Even when they go out at day or night. They had their new home, in a open waterfall, as he, his friends and families, and her girlfriend lived there happily forever. This had happened a long time ago, when “The Cat in the Hat” movie was in theaters. There were other TV shows, during that time like “Medabots”, “Spider Riders”, “Cardcaptors”, “Cardcaptors: The Movie”, “Star Wars: Clone Wars” 2003, “Megaman: NT Warrior”, and “Kappa Mikey”. There were good shows back then, even we can give them a second chance to today.

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