Prehistoric Park

From a TV series that was once on Animal Planet, by BBC TV, this shows adventure even when your going back in time. They say the amazing animals that time, has time has left behind. From the dinosaur times, to the ice age. But what they could bring them back? What if extinction, didn’t have to be forever? This is a TV show with only 6 episodes, this talks about a man named Nigel Marvin, who could change the world by bringing extinctive animals from the past, to our present, and give them a second chance. He goes on his wild adventures, to get these creatures, ever since the dinosaurs died when the meteorite smashed into the earth, and wiped out every creature of the face of the Earth! What I like about his adventure, is to watch out for the meteor, and seeing saber tooth tigers. Sure it was big enough, I’ve seen this that it was like “Jurassic Park”. What could possibly different if there was a “Jurassic Park 4”?





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