The Swarm

In 1978, have you ever see young Michael Caine to take on a killer bee invasion, in Houston, Texas? Have you ever seen a massive swarm of killer bees? Hide in your closets, and lock up the windows and doors, “The Swarm” is here!

When all was quiet, in Houston, Texas, especially in the USAF, nothing bad has happened, until this swarm came. This swarm of killer bees are so deadly, they can kill you in a matter of seconds!! They can also kill a giant grizzly bear! We don’t know why them, but that depends on their mother, the queen!

They can appear everywhere, in this movie! They killed some people in cars, they caused a train wreck, and so much more that the only way to kill them, are by using flamethrowers! You can least protect yourself by wearing a white protective suit, with a mask, with no holes or something!

This was based on a book, for as long as we know that famous Michael Caine, we will remember him in this one.

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