Eight Legged Freaks

What’s better than bugs and insects? Arachnids! Let’s say spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, or whatever. But have you ever seen giant killer spiders?

In a small town in Arizona, a truck dropped a barrel of chemicals as it landed in a pond. Nothing living was there, only crickets. They were picked up by a man who owns a spider farm. With the crickets covered in chemicals, and eaten by spiders, the spiders would grow bigger and bigger!

They were jumping spiders, trap hole spiders, silk spiders, tarantulas, and more! There was their mama, a giant black widow! So the whole town needs to know one thing: get out your guns, arm yourselves with knowledge, and let the squashing begin!

This is one movie I like with spiders, better than bugs, and this was Kevin Smiths favorite movie! He happened to know along with his partner, when they were Jay and Silent Bob!

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