Starsky and Hutch

Ever since Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were in “Zoolander”, this is one movie, based on a tv series, where you’ll never forget like “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

Those actors play as the most famous cops, they even stopped a drug dealing group. Their leader was Vince Vaughn, and other drug dealers were Jason Bateman, Will Ferrell, and Terry Crews.

Well we kinda knew how crazy Will Ferrell was, but there was that crazy Chinese kid, throwing knives at Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. That was hilarious. But that’s not it, there was that funny part, in a birthday party, those guys Ben and Owen, they were dressed up as mimes, and the killed a pony which freaked the girls out.

It is a good movie, but we don’t want the Captain of the Bay City Police Department to get pissed.

This movie, Snoop Dogg was Huggy Bear, and man! You should’ve seen how cool he looked, how he was dressed, and how he was almost a millionaire. One day I could work for him.

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