With thunder, lots of lightning, and tornados in the country, you sure are in the dark side of nature. It’s “Twister”! From the creators of “Jurassic Park”, and the director of “Speed”, this movie talks about storm chasers when they go through destruction! There was one tornado that destroyed a drive in movie theater, while playing “The Shining”! This movie stars Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Cary Elwes, and Alan Ruck, as the storm chasers! You don’t want to end up, like Dorothy, or someone like you that could get killed in twisters. Twisters are very dangerous, and this movie, Tyler Kyte from “Popular Mechanics for Kids” even talked about this, in a episode called “Earth Power”!

So be sure to keep an eye on lightning and thunderstorms, especially twisters. Be sure to also get into a emergency bunker or storm cellar, maybe a tunnel like that “Thomas the Tank Engine” story and episode of Henry the Green Engine when he was in a tunnel, it’s going to be pretty windy!

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