Debbie Renyolds- Charlottes Web 1973

Have you ever see Debbie Renyolds as the most famous spider in E.B Whites book? This was way before the new version of “Charlottes Web” have happened. She once played as this spider, long time ago ever since she was in “Singin in the Rain” with Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. But this might be one, no one would forget. But in the beginning of this story, that girl Fern, is always crazy on not killing that runt. She would storm out that door fast, and call out very loud to her father, and for begging not to kill it, she would cry out so bad, she’s like Mavis from “Hotel Transylvania” on the pout bat face, and that crazy sister In that kids TV show, “Kid vs. Kat”. But then she did learned a lesson though. So I say Debbie was good in this one, as the real true spider.

A long time ago, when I was in kindergarten at Elmdale Elementary School, and we used an old projector, I even saw a clip of this!!! I couldn’t believe on how beautiful she was, when she played this. I even dreamt about that day, and how if I’m like the a shrunken man like the Borrowers, I would kindly have her, and keep her. Not to mention like “Eragon”, well, battling against the Spider Riders!!



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