Kissin Cousins

Like the Mark Twain book, “The Prince and the Pauper”, have you ever seen 2 Elvis Presley’s?

Elvis played as a USAF second lieutenant as he and a platoon were to find a location so they can use a bit of land for a USAF base in Tennessee. In the Great Smokey Mountains, they ran into trouble with hillbillies including one, that’s a blonde that looks like a twin to him. Elvis plays as that country bumpkin as they try to get along. Like if they are twin brothers.

Along in this movie, was Jack Albertson as the platoon captain, and Arthur O’Connell as the pappy. They have been together before they were in “The Poseidon Adventure”.

They all went through trouble with hillbillies, cliffs, girls and much more. As they decided, that part of land was not to be used as a USAF base. After all, the country is what matters when it’s their home. And in the end as they celebrate, both Elvis’s sang the song “Kissin Cousins” like for what it is in this movie.

Such as classic. 7/10 stars on this 1964 classic Elvis movie.

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