The Internship

Ever since Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in “Wedding Crashers”, this is one where they actually work for the company of the most famous website in the Internet.. Google!

The best part was that their boss, Mr. Chetty played by Aasif Mandv, asked a question, which was “Having a beer with your boss”, I laugh out so hard in the theatre, I was like Billy in “Predator”, on how he laughs before his spine and skull were taken out by the Predator.

Then there was the guy, who they think he’s Charles Xavier, but they just got their butts kicked and they yelled out, “Professor Xavier’s a total-“.

The headquarters of that place is like the future! They have a slide, pods, future machines and more!!! Perfect for kids to come here!

The movie was great, and I think a straight “A”, is good for that.

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  1. I loved “The Internship”!! It was a very funny movie!!


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