Time and Space

Do you think, H.G. Wells, “The Time Machine” was a good book?

In the ending scene of “The Bucket List”, with Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman, do you ever saw the part of all the Himalayan mountains, and how you’re so close to space? When see that, you go “My god, it’s full of stars!”?

Well think again!

There are some movies that talked about time and space together, wherever and whenever they are out there. A space time continuum. There are some movies that talked about those stuff out there.

In the “Planet of the Apes” series, and the 2001 version, it talked about the astronauts how they are going through space, and going through time. That was when, before they crash landed. In the 2001 version, same thing except in a storm, where 2 pods were transported, and how the USAF Oberon, a space station had to go after them.

To movies by Stanley Kubrick, called “2001: A Space Odyssey”, and “2010”, almost the real thing! “2001: A Space Odyssey”, was appeared in 2005 version of the book by Roald Dahl, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, when they were doing an experiment. An a Oompa Loompa was watching the same movie, except the monolith, was a candy bar!

The monolith, represented time and space, since it met the dawn of man, to apes, and how it was on the moon, and made this very loud high pitch sound. Nothing happened, but it did happened to someone. On a trip to Jupiter, a ship was on its way there. 2 of the crew played by Gary Lockwood, and Keir Dullea, named Frank Poole and David Bowman, were controlling the ship. 3 more, were in deep cryogenics, and were to be awakened when they reach Jupiter.

But that’s not all, they had a super computer that talks! His name is Hal-9000. And this is how it really happened. While getting close, Hal-9000 malfunctioned. He killed the crew in cryogenics and Frank Poole, while outside the spacecraft. Dave Bowman was able to disconnect Hal-9000 and so he did. When he saw another monolith close to Jupiter, he left the ship to investigate. His last transmission from him, “My God, its full of stars!”. So he was sucked into something, and was transformed into a fetus baby, in a orb of light, and it just goes around in space.

In 1984, to a sequel, “2010”, Roy Scheider, took a chance as an astronaut named Heywood Floyd, with a crew of Americans and Soviets, to find the spacecraft, and had to get rid of the monolith. As they did, and left, Jupiter was suck into a black hole, and was destroyed, including the spacecraft. Dave and Floyd, would watch this, as in the night sky ever night, a big shining star would shine like never before.

So there are things out there, that might tell something, but we might even trust 2 creatures who work on time and space, from the Pokémon series, and that are Dialga and Palkia!



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  1. This post has some interesting ideas about time and space O!


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