Casualties of War

Are you going through trouble as a teenager? Have your parents been so crazy? Is there something inside you, that makes you that you wanna do anything? Well there is one movie, and that is when your in the army, your in the Vietnam War!!

Starring Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, and introducing John C. Reilly and Jon Leguizamo, it’s CASUALTIES OF WAR!!!

As Vietnam soldiers, they are going through trouble, as they are sent to battle. They think life, isn’t fair, even when they are at home, or something else. Just because, they are doing what’s important, everybody’s acting like that they can do anything. Even, when they are killing enemies.

The best scene, was that they are on a train bridge, and a dying bloody woman, comes up, and they angrily shoot her, with assault rifles, handguns, maybe a grenade launcher, and a M60 machine gun.

You should’ve seen them how they shot her, and how the movie was. But in the end, when the war was over, the soldier played by Michael J. Fox, had got a new life, as he went in his own way and liked it.

So I must say, I should give this maybe a few thumbs up, and a star maybe, if there’s a chance.

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