UHF- Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic is a comedian, a singer and a actor. He was best in his song, “Just Eat It”, but he was in only one movie, which was called “UHF”.

In his good imaginations, and hilarious scenes, he was in parodies of movies as himself, as he works for a TV station. Sure there were good shows in that movie, like “Conan the Librarian”, “Wheel of Fish”, and more. He even had a good song in the end credits. But he was hilarious, as Indiana Jones, and Rambo! The Rambo one, he ever did was funny!

In UHF, along with him, is one of the guys from “Seinfeld”. Not the Jerry guy, but someone hilarious. He was Michael Richards. So I think Weird Al Yankovic is the nost hilarious guy, he has ever been.

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