Chris Pine- Jack Frost, just like Inuyasha!!!

For what I saw was amazing. “Rise of the Guardians” was epic! Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Alec Baldwin as Father Christmas, Hugh Jackman as the Easter Rabbit, and Jude Law as Pitch Black. But what I saw was how Jack became Jack Frost. 300 years ago, he was a human, with brown hair. He had a mother and a sister. But when he was skating with his sister and how the ice was cracking, he saved his sister as he fell in. That is when th full moon, changed his hair white, and became the legendary guardian.

But to his hair that changed white, and how he was a human once, he reminded me of an old anime TV show I onced watched. In that movie, Chris Pine as Jack Frost, was like Inuyasha!! The white hair, the clothes, his staff, and his powers! He was just like Inuyasha! But to a concern, in a part of “Rise of the Guardians”, to the Easter rabbit, he was a small rabbit, almost like Shippo!! Which mean that he shrank until he was just like Shippo!! To the villian in that movie, maybe the same guy, like the one in the “Inuyasha” TV show. So when I watched all that, the whole movie, it did remined me of “Inuyasha”, as I hoped Jack Frost, as Inuyasha, and the rabbit as Shippo, might get a Kagome, Sango, and Kirara! But is he like Inuyasha or Danny Phantom?

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