Young Frankenstein

Based on the book by Mary Shelley, this is a Mel Brooks film on whatever happened to the grandson of Dr. Victor Frankenstein! Played by Gene Wilder as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, does the same thing like his grandfather. With the help of his Igor, ‘eye-gore’, and Inga, played by Marty Feldman and Teri Garr, they created the perfect life form. The monster in this movie was played by Peter Boyle, in which later on, did played a cat named Muta in an anime/manga movie with Anne Hathway, Cary Elwes, Tim Curry, Kristen Bell and Kristine Sutherland, “The Cat Returns”! I love that movie, especially the part when the girl, played by Anne Hathaway was transformed into a cat! Anyway, onto this. Also in this, is a blind man who was Gene Hackman! This was before he’d played Lex Luthor in 3 of the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. And Cloris Leachman, as Frau Blucher, oh, she was hilarious as her last name scared the horses. And how she was playing the volin, as he told the doc that Victor Frankenstein was his boyfriend! She, as Cloris Leachman did played a crazy woman in the anime/manga movie “Castle in the Sky”, a teacher in the movie “The Iron Giant”, and another crazy anime person in “Ponyo”. 2 more actors to say. Kenneth Mars as the Inspector, in which he has clanking arm, until it was popped off by the monster when it was talking. And Madaline Kahn as Elizabeth, in which she became the Bride of Frankenstein!! You should have seen her hair, and how the way she dances. So there was a good ending, as it was like the classic 1931 version, and the sequel.

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