Red Dawn

Like the 1984 classic, this talks about how Koreans invaded USA, as they almost killed everyone. In this version it happened, in the 1984 version, it talked about how World War III began. With Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson and Conner Cruise, they and other people play as the Wolverines! Patrick Swayze who happened in `Red Dawn`, 1984, must be very proud of them, as he watches them from heaven. Too bad he passed away. Other actors must be very proud of those actors in the remake of `Red Dawn`. Like C. Thomas Howell, from `The Outsiders`with Ralph Macchio before he was in `The Karate Kid`, Lea Thompson from 3 of the `Back to the Future` movies, Charlie Sheen before he was in `Anger Management`, and `Two and a half Men`, Darrel Dalton, from a part of `The Ousiders`, and Jennifer Grey, who was with Matthew Broderick in `Ferris Buellers Day Off`. So these actors in 2012 of `Red Dawn`, have done a good job, but they`ll need someone to kill Koreans. Lets just say Rambo, played by Slyvester Stallone! He was a pretty badass, as he killed Koreans. First, a group of peacelovers who want to bring peace, until they get killed by Koreans, except a woman who was freaking out! Then came you know who and mercinaries! Rambo wished he`d be there to help them out! But long live the Wolverines!

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